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    Allen & Roth bathroom vanities are tested and proven in providing top quality bathroom fixtures with styles and designs that meet the expectations of homeowners and interior designers. If you want some of the best bathroom fixtures installed in your own, cozy space, Allen & Roth gives you some great options to choose from. Whether you are fond of hardwoods or you want a trendy, modern look for your bathroom, Allen & Roth provides some of the best designs at the best prices. Actually, Allen & Roth bathroom vanities are very affordable and they don’t look cheap.

    The Best Allen & Roth Bathroom Vanities

    Allen & Roth Bathroom Vanities offer a wide range of bathroom vanities at very reasonable prices. Their concepts are usually made of hardwood to maintain the traditional style while keeping them durable and long lasting. The 28” Midnight Cherry Hartley Bath Vanity with Top looks perfect for traditional bathrooms. It is made with quality construction and real wooden veneers. With the highest quality granite top and backsplash used, this Allen & Roth bathroom vanity sells for around $348.

    The 24” Espresso Cavanaugh Bath Vanity and Top is made with a tempered glass top. It looks more elegant with its vertical line pattern design in the cabinet door. The hardware sports a brushed nickel finish and costs around $200. Meanwhile, the 24” Rustic Oak Foley Bath and Vanity Top is made of a nice thick MDF with an oak veneer. When struck with a bright light, you’ll notice the espresso color under the woodgrain. This sturdy looking vanity top is a delightful value. Likewise, the 25” Sycamore Vanity Nutmeg Finish has the overall dimension (including the top) of 24.75 inches x 18.75 inches by 36 inches. It has a nice color with the nutmeg finish in true brown and is very stylish with its double shelf storage.

    Get the Best Deal from Allen & Roth Bathroom Vanities

    Making your bathroom look elegant need not be expensive. You can actually make it more presentable and attractive to your guests by carefully choosing the fixtures. Allen & Roth bathroom vanities offer practical solutions to your bathroom without breaking your budget. Although it carries a rich line of bathroom vanities, Allen & Roth continues to delight designers and homeowners not just with top quality and durable designs but also with its affordable cost.

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